Silver Key Records

End of the World Sale.

Silver Key Records will forward only carry few and selected titles in the distro.
So from right now loads of items have been put on sale in the distro. Some items as low as 50% off.

Sales are low for small distros and instead of going bigger
Silver Key Records choses to concentrate on own releases and a few selected and/or related bands.

What does this mean?
It means that in the future trades will most likely not be possible in most cases.
But if we are not going to sell anything anyway,
then we would rather just have overstock of our own releases on hand.

Sale goes on while stock last.

Upcoming releases in no perticular order:

Goatfago "True Occult Astronomy Part I" 7"
Goatfago "Demo #4" MC (+ "Demo #1" as bonus)
Monster Mack and the Screamin' Yahoos "TBA" MC
Ogdru Jahad "TBA Live Recordings" MC
Sadomator "TBA Ancient Rehearsals" MC

No new bands will be signed at the moment!

Last updated September 2017.