Silver Key Records

Out now: GOAT SYNAGOGUE "Enter the Feast" MC

An underground outburst of classic Greek black metal. In the vein of such acts as Varathron, Rotting Christ and the likes.
Goat Synagogue delivers 4 tracks of an uncompromising and in your face mix of agression and melodies.
Soon to be a band considered one of the great bands of the scene, be sure to pick up this gem before it is gone.
200 copies in smokey tint cassettes and 100 copies in blood red cassette (only available via direct order from the band or Silver Key Records).

Upcoming releases in no perticular order:
Goatfago "True Occult Astronomy Part I" 7"
Goatfago "Demo #4" MC (+ "Demo #1" as bonus)
Monster Mack and the Screamin' Yahoos "TBA" MC
Ogdru Jahad "TBA Live Recordings" MC
Sadomator "TBA Ancient Rehearsals" MC

No new bands will be signed at the moment!

Last updated March 2017.